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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The chilliness that lingers

Spring has arrived with a chill in her air
Coldness and snowflakes and coughing, she will share
It seems so unrealistic; that we wonder with awe:
Is it really now Springtime or the beginning of Fall...?

Even the creatures, who will romp here and there
Are baffled by this weather, this chillier air
Burrowing down deeper, for a bit longer each day
These inhabitants are dreaming of a warmer place to stay

The sun brings its healing and its warming array
It touches  earth gently and brightens our way..
Soothing and supplementing, the clothing we wear:
This morning star is generous, and willing to share..

Soon all this chilliness and this coldness will flee
Spring will become more present, to  you and to me
Right now it is amazing, how she has stepped back a tad:
Making her true arrival, a celebration to be had..

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