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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The beautifulness of each morning

Slowly the daylight is crawling into my room
It's jumping and jaunting, but never bringing gloom...
Whispering through moments,  these golden rays so dear
Are bringing  me those secrets my soul is longing to hear

Early each  morning before the noisiness can start
I listen intently to the soundings of my heart
Reacting to the quietness, the beautifulness of the dawn
I rise up and watch it the universe beginning to  yawn

I see it,  each sunrise: each morning, every day
It's beautiful it's  radiant and wonderful, in every way...
The warmness; the glowing; the awesomeness of its shine
Envelops and inspires and warms up this heart of mine

The creatures, now resting, will soon begin to romp
The bunnies, the squirrel, with lightness in their stomp;
Will wrestle through leavelets and branches on the ground
Looking for food stuffs that they have hidden around

The daytime, the nighttime, the hours in between
Are singing their songlets: their messages  serene;
But only the listening. the ones who are willing to hear
Will notice the silence that is trying to bring them near

If you are, still willing, please take some time each day
To listen to ponder and  to put all activity away
You'll hear them, the melodies the songs so truly blessed
They'll soothe you, instruct you, and give your soul some rest

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