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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Predawn verse

I wake up before the morning to put some verse online
Moving has delayed me but everything is fine
Stars are still out there shining and sister moon, she's fair
Nothing can be more moving than these silences everywhere

There's awesomeness in the rising before the break of day
Quietness is surrounding me and it has so much to say
But I'll listen for a moment then continue on to see
What escapes me when I'm sleeping at the early hour of three..

The hamster wheel is spinning; it is their time to run
The crickets are seranading and violining everyone
The heartbeats from all around me and those that are far away
Are breaking into my auras and inviting me to  pray...

The darkness is still lingering and the creatures of the day
Are sleeping in the branches and the burrows along the way
Not a movement from the day crew but the night shift is alive
With all of the scampering and the playing and what they do to survive...

It's good to have awakened at these whee hours of the dawn
Because so much is a mystery and is carrying my mind along
Into the moments and the seconds that are colliding into the now
Can you hear it, all the silence, that is calling at you somehow?

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