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Monday, March 5, 2018

Ours to have

The sky stretches out in an immensity of blue
Molecules and atoms shout out an   "I love you"
Creatures and plantlets all dance in the wind
Spring is nearly here now.. let the beauty come in..

Splashes of greenness are beginning to show
Chilly nights lessen and grass starts to grow
Crickets and rabbits amd the hornets as well
Start to appear with their stories to tell..

Seedlings are growing like blossoming trees
Each of them dancing with the sound of the  breeze
Something is smiling through the rays of the sun
The Spirit is moving through everything and everyone

Starting each morning and at the end of each day
Open up all your windows and let in the array
Of goodness and kindness and awesomeness galore
Spread out for our taking from the Omnipresent store

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