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Friday, March 16, 2018

Orange sky this morning

There is a tinge of orangeness in the morning sky today
Bright and early you can see it's beautiful in every way
Each morning has its own wonders and its beauties so divine
Today is no exception. I can't contain this heart of mine..

Like a neon light thats glowing the early dawn lights up
I ponder over all its beauty as I pour the coffee in my cup
How many times I have missed it when I didn't look out to see
That God has truly blessed me..I am as blessed as blessed can be..

Before the day becomes more active and the noisyness begins
The breezes are singing secrets, and the world continually spins
So much there is to accomplish.. and so much there is to do
But I mustn't get caught up  in whirlwinds.. I'll keep my peace, it's true

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