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Thursday, March 15, 2018

I'm just wanting to say Thank You...

I'm just wanting  to say, Thank You, to the Lord of the Heavens  and the earth
For all of Your blessings and for Your protection since my birth
Every morning and evening my eyes have continuously looked above
And have witnessed instantly: how truly great is Your lasting love...

I am so wanting You to hear me. oh   Creator of this struggling universe
No matter how much I have tried to, I  have failed to praise You enough in my verse
Yet You are so worthy: more worthy than anyone else I'll ever know
To receive it all now:  all the gratitude that I can ever show...

Truly You are so Caring and You are so kindly in all of Your ways
You have given me everything .. everything,  and all of my days
So many times You have patiently watched me  rise and fall
Only to catch me and lead me gently with Your everlasting call...

Help me to be more faithful and to be most loving in all that I do
So that I can be a witness to Your  Presence  as It's  passing through
For there are so many needy, so many broken ones in need of You..
I want to bring them everything You have blessed me with: it is so true..

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