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Friday, March 30, 2018

Father Forgive them

Arms outstreched upon a cross
So much glory so much loss
Giving everything keeping all
Creater Redeemer Lamb so small..

Mocked and praised at one same time
Some who followed made a mime
Of the words You used to say
Save Yourself and save the day

Your mother wept with John below
No one knew what she could know
Dripping droplets, crimson red;
Redeemed her from the curse's dread

Darkened skies and gurgling sighs
You, O Lord, let out some cries
Not of vengance.... but of love
"Father Forgive them" soared above

Solemn stillness.. curtain's torn
Gone the old ..the tired.. the worn
No more waiting; all is done:
Redemption's come through God's own Son

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