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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Don't preach to me any sermons...

You speak so well of Jesus... while.. opening the gates of Hell?
You claim you are such a  Christian; but can anybody really tell...?
Yes.. you are often on those benches: each Sunday, so faithfully
But tell me which verse supports it: how you've been treating me?

Don't tell me about your worship; when you hurt others when you can.....
You act like you're all so righteous.. but then  demean your fellow man?
I can't stand it or even fathom it.. all these bible bumping folks..
Who can quote the bible when needed, while crushing another's hopes?

What is you can tell me.. that your life shouldn't be able to  display?
If you are a follower of Jesus; then let your example clear the way...
For others to feel more welcome; more accepted; and more loved...
I'm tired of hearing the sermons just show me what you are made of....

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