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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Before the brightness of day...

The best time of the day, is the darkness, before dawn:
It's quiet and mysterious;  and the distractions are gone...
If you try it, you'll see it, the awesomeness coming through:
There's  a peacefulness, a calmness, a serenity: so true

You can hear it: the heartbeats; the breaths, in the air;
The crickets, the spiders; the molecules everywhere..
The beautifulness, the waking,  the dawn drawing near:
She's calling, serenading; making wonderfulness appear..

The clouds in their Heaveness and the soils down below
Are whispering the echoes of every person they know..
Their secrets, their sighingness, their joyfulness too
Every morning, before daylight: you can hear it: it's true..

So rise up one morning before the breaking of dawn
And leave off the media,  don't turn it all on
You'll hear it: the silences, the heartbeats, the all
In the breezes, the stillness, you'll hear every heart call..

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