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Friday, March 23, 2018

A springboard for our hearts

Dancing, ever so softly, is the sunlight on my window
Its whispering "It's Morning" as it continues on with  its overflow
It is creating  its images, of beauty and of unrequited love
I see it, the Sunrise; and think: this it it:  my ride above..

The birds are all singing; for now the cold is leaving
This time, we are certain: no more of weathery deceiving..
So beautifully serenading and singing out all of their reasons
For happpines, for loveliness and for praise of all the seasons..

Tomorrow's not come, yet; but, today we have all this beauty
The loveliness of the dawn and all it gives with sense of duty
The melodies and the aromas and the secretness of the creatures
Is delightful and insightful and sparing us not, of any of its features..

Too often, yes, too often; we are so caught up in all of our commotions.
That we pass it, all of the artwork, displayed for our many emotions
Every seedling and every plantlet; all the skies  and the earth below
Are a backdrop and a springboard by which our hearts can see and know...

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