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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The approaching storm...

Morning clouds linger and cover our skies
The sun is out shining but hid from our eyes
A dampness and coolness is hanging around
Soon we will hear it: that  showery sound

Storms have been circling, they're ready to land
Others have seen how they can get out of hand
Soon they'll approach us with winds and some hail
Winter is readying to leave with some gale

The moisturous molecules are ready to burst
Earth has already been quenched of her thirst
With flooding and drenching the rains will all fall
Spring is approaching with a most noisy squall

So turn on your radios and be ready to run
Spring has her tempests that  shake up everyone
Unpredictable but visible..the colors of the sky
Tell us of twisters that  await our reply..

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