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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Love lights our way..

The morning is whispering; the day enters in:
With sunshine and creatures all echoing within
Brightness and glory that comes from above
Seems to be shouting:  can you hear all the love?

The hustle and bustle is not far away;
But beauty invites us to embrace this new day:
With aweness and wonder and gratefulness too;
Listen intently, you'll hear : "I love you"

In moments and seconds; in molecules galore:
Graces are falling from the Heavenly store:
Touching the universe, and welcoming our gaze:
See how He loves us with all of His grace?

Subtle, but present, the angelic one brings;
Melodies and harmonies and energy that sings:
Throughout every moment, throughout all our day..
Angels remind us that:  Love lights our way..


  1. Greetings Joy. I enjoyed reading your well-written poetic-piece. Well done. God and Jesus are all about LOVE, and may they bless you for some of your poems denoting your faith and belief! Blessings to you.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. HI Andrew..thank you .. have fallen behind on comments but always appreciate your words of wisdom and support.. I can say i hear melodies inside..and poetry is my attempt to let them out..Have a blessed day : joy

    2. That's a nice way to express your creativity! Blessings to you. Take good care and keep writing, Andrew.


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