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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

What if we love...?

If, all the time, we used to gripe...
Could be transformed into something nice
The world would be like love again
And movements of change could all begin

But we all like  to hear our  voices:
Our own opinions..our rights... our choices
Yet when it comes to  hearing,, you
We close our hearts.. our minds:  it's true

So when the news is blaring out loud
And we're all so tempted to join the crowd
That points and scowls at the awful "other"
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we would shudder???

It  is all so cool,.. to run with the ball
And to  be seen with those who run,  not crawl;
But wouldn't it be something if we could stand
With those less fortunate..and hold their hand

And wouldn't it be awesome if we could see
That greatness is waiting for you and me
To see that loving and caring's the way
To build a castle that'll never sway

It isn't the norms that define what's right
But the love of God that gives us light
To see each person each night, each day
As a gift from God: there's no other way...

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