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Monday, January 8, 2018

God loves me and you

Look out your window... look up at the sky
Beautiful love notes: hanging up high.
Stars in their orbit and sun bright and true:
Everything's  singing:  God loves me and you

Frosty bright memos on window and pane
Singing a melody something to remain
Coldness and freezing but love mixed in too
Even the winter sings: God loves me and you...

Darkness and brightness; the nightime and day:
Each have their purpose.. their own thing to say
Holding the elements and the hours it is true:
Morning and evening sing: God loves me and  you

Rough times and good times; bad times and all
Each one is carrying the Eternal One's call
Throughout all the chaos and  loveliness too
God keeps on reminding us: He loves me and you

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