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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snowed in

A beautiful blanket of white
Creates a welcoming sight
Carefully with broom in my hand
I clear out somewhere to stand

Slowly the steps I descend
While brushing away this powdery blend
An icy mix challenges my feet
That long for some warmth and some heat

Quietly the chill of the morn
Slips through my gloves that are torn
Ignoring the bite that I feel
I sweep away snow with firm will

It would have been easier to wait
But the quietness is awesome and great
So out in this darkness before dawn
I clean away everything with a yawn ..

Sunday, January 14, 2018

People weep...

People weep oh can't you see
They are near and far from me
Sending sighs that ride the air
Breezes carry them everywhere

People hurt, oh can't you feel
All their pain, it is so real
Bruises scars and innner hurt
Falling in the rain and dirt

People search, both far and near
For a caring heart to hear
But too often what they need
Is drowned out by all our greed

People hunger and they thirst
For a place without outburst
But there plight their cries sincere
No one ever ever will hear....

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Wintry rhymes

Winter days,they bring a chill:
Challenge heart and challenge will
Yet, they bring an art unknown:
In the frost, at morn that's sown

Bundled up with extra clothes
Who you are: nobody knows
Like a mummy or a bear
Layered beings: everywhere

Some are cold and some are not
Winter touches all we've got
In the south the wind will blow
But rarely seen: is ice or snow

Way up north the freezing ice
Paints a picture without a price
Snow will fall and measure deep
But some creatures, romp and creep

In your place, at winter time,
What would be your poetic rhyme:
A snowy picture, wind or rain?
Tell me tell me your poem's refrain

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

What if we love...?

If, all the time, we used to gripe...
Could be transformed into something nice
The world would be like love again
And movements of change could all begin

But we all like  to hear our  voices:
Our own opinions..our rights... our choices
Yet when it comes to  hearing,, you
We close our hearts.. our minds:  it's true

So when the news is blaring out loud
And we're all so tempted to join the crowd
That points and scowls at the awful "other"
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we would shudder???

It  is all so cool,.. to run with the ball
And to  be seen with those who run,  not crawl;
But wouldn't it be something if we could stand
With those less fortunate..and hold their hand

And wouldn't it be awesome if we could see
That greatness is waiting for you and me
To see that loving and caring's the way
To build a castle that'll never sway

It isn't the norms that define what's right
But the love of God that gives us light
To see each person each night, each day
As a gift from God: there's no other way...

Monday, January 8, 2018

God loves me and you

Look out your window... look up at the sky
Beautiful love notes: hanging up high.
Stars in their orbit and sun bright and true:
Everything's  singing:  God loves me and you

Frosty bright memos on window and pane
Singing a melody something to remain
Coldness and freezing but love mixed in too
Even the winter sings: God loves me and you...

Darkness and brightness; the nightime and day:
Each have their purpose.. their own thing to say
Holding the elements and the hours it is true:
Morning and evening sing: God loves me and  you

Rough times and good times; bad times and all
Each one is carrying the Eternal One's call
Throughout all the chaos and  loveliness too
God keeps on reminding us: He loves me and you

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Your Best Friend

There's always One who always sees:
The heart; the land; the skies; the seas
There's always One Who's always there
He's ready to love; to heal; to share..

When all the world would walk away;
Refuse to talk or look your way...
When all the rest, would block you out
There's One who stays: no need to doubt

The crowd can rule and shake the rest
But not the One who is your Guest
He stays unshaken,  unswayed by  all
He is the God of the great and small..

So when you're lonely and feel afraid
Of things unseen or the bills unpaid
Just know you're loved and have a friend
In One who made the beginning; the end

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Southern snow storm

A beautiful blanket of white
Is creating a wonderful sight
It's pretty as pretty can be
This sprinkling of snow I can see

Though the morning's waking right now
The world is keeping silent somehow
For the commuters that normally run
Aren't ready to get out in the sun

Not even an inchlet of snow
And the people are refusing to go
For the rule of the south you can see
Is it's a blizzard if you want it to be..

Just like a dash of dustyness around
And the neighborhood is lifeless, without sound
For somehow the presence of snow
Is making  the anxious to work ,,more slow