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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Wintry wonder

Icy, icy sings the wind
Touching heart and soul within
Whispering secrets of the day
Wintry weather is on its way

Should we run or not at all
It's  too cold to be the Fall
All the trees are sparkling bright
With the sleet from overnight

Would it be so wrong to stay
Inside the warmth of home today
And admire from here inside
All the icy artwork  outside?

Listen carefully if you will
To these moments calm and still
Freezing weather we can hear
If we pause with open ear

When the coldness keeps us in
And our clothing feels too thin
Then we have to snuggle near
All the heat that we have here..

Take a look outside today
If you're in a colder state
And reflect on all you see
There is an  infinite flow of beauty

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