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Monday, December 18, 2017

Why would our God come to us....

Why would our God come to us... like a Baby in some hay?
He could have come in Majesty, and have soldiers lead the way...
But the Almighty One, The Omnipotent chose to come so Small
To make it possible for everyone, to approach Him: one and all..

Why would our God be born like this: without a roof or room?
His Mother didn't even have a maid, or anyone to push her broom...
Because our God wanted us to learn that working carries no shame
And that the least desirable job can bring honor to our name

Why would our God be born beneath a sky so needful of light
Where darkness was the surrounding theme and stars lit up the night
Without the sound of announcing squires or trumpets to blow and blare
Our God chose this, the greatest of times, to be with the humble and share

The lesson we learn from Christmas Day is as visible as can be:
God chooses to be with all of us and isn't needing any notoriety
He's pleased to be with the simplest ones,  and those who have no fame
And finds the greatest are the ones who can humbly praise His Name

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