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Friday, December 29, 2017

There is a beautifulness...

There is a beautifulness and a loveliness,
and there is so much more out there to see
Than all of that awfulness, or all of that worriedness
 or anything that challenges you or me
So let us look out there with all of our intentfulness
 and  with that hopefulness of the elect
Who find the wonderfulness and all of the awesomeness
 that is in the world with which we connect

In all of the breeziness or all of the windiness
 and or in the oxygenated atmosphere
We can hear it all of the Infiniteness
and all  that is escaping us, and our ear
Without all of that materialness or  that noisiness
 or all that constant of running around
We can find it all of that  tranquilness
 that immense Immortalness that's wanting to be found..

So stop now with all of that complainfulness
 and  with all that woe is me-ness and the like
For there is a peacefulness and a serene-ness
 that is waiting for all those who will "take a hike"
Out into the other worldliness and into  the naturalness
 that is void of all things, that are  tech
Try if you have  it the timelessness  and the willingness
 to voyage beyond to reconnect.

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