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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Like a freezer around us

An icy jacket is covering the ground
And an eery silence is echoing around
Crispy crunches are supporting my feet
While a chilling air holds a meet and greet

The birds aren't chirping so loudly today
And a movement of branches is giving them away
Nothing is actively greeting the dawn
But a slew of icycles come out of her yawn

Like a freezer around us the day will begin
Challenging our will power so deep within
Too cold to explore it...this chilliness outside
Yet the pup and I will enjoy the slippery slide.

The clouds above us are all awesomely grey
As they snuggle together to chill up the day
The wind with its might is alll blowing around
And singing how the winter is starting to sound...

So rise up this morning and sleep not too late
For the beauty of dawn has arranged you a date
Peek out of those windows and see all the white
Layered so thinly like a powdery delight..

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