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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How reporters groom you...

It shouldn't be normal to start off the day
With gossip and headlines that sling mud our way
Yet often, we're brainwashed, from morning till night...
Turn off that newscast, and see things aright..

Nothing, that's spoken, on  media or air..
Is truthful or honest or even near fair;
Yet, we stare  with amazement and loyalty so true:
At CNN, Yahoo, and news..coming through..

Warping our thinking, without any delay:
We sit before newscast: each morning, each day..
Drinking in theories and subscribing to all
Are anchors our heroes: we heed them..their call?

Something is spooky,about how we believe:
Words, from some person, who is primed to deceive:
Yet, daily we do it, without much ado
Think, if you're willing,  how reporters groom you...

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  1. I enjoyed reading your poetic piece. I only listen to the radio news, which is only in brief! I don't watch much TV - about two hours a week! Jesus bless you.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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