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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving...

I open my eyes at the start of this day
And think of the blessings that have come on my  way:
Another year passing and a festivity today:
But what is Thanksgiving: oh, what do you say

Is it a feasting and a gathering around?
Cooking long hours, a fammily in town?
Is it a remembering; an accounting of all
What is Thanksgiving as you can recall?

Year after year in this country of ours
Thanksgiving has gathered us from near and from far
The same type of menu: the laughter..the cheer
Repeats every November.. as we gather right here...

Was it about celebrating or was it a feast
Who were there present: the greatest ..the least?
Why do we remember it and  what is it about
Can you tell  me why this holiday brings everybody out??

Whatever your understanding ,,,whatever you say
One thing is certain: it's Thanksgiving day
There must be a reason... beyond what we know
What if today...our understanding could grow..

Look up all of  the history and read an account
Of natives and pilgrims who were gathering around
It went beyond households and people they knew
Thanksgiving gathered everyone and this is the truth

So when you are celebrating with  family around
Remember the homeless and lonely homebound
Reach out in some fashion and some kindly ole way
If you should encounter them this Thanksgiving day

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