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Monday, August 7, 2017

Poetic proverbs

Before the morning's underway
And the busy-ness has its way
Pause awhile and be so still
Let the silence teach your will

When the morning star does shine
And it's speaking: don't decline
The invitation and the plea,
Heaven sends to you and me...

Step apart from all the noise,
And let the calmness guide your choice
Being different, is okay,
Don't let evilness have its way...

Close your ears to hateful pleas,
And be the same when no one sees:
Pure in heart and mind and soul;
Heaven's still a realistic goal

Though the world would have you hate;
Don't give in or have debate
Let the Light,of Love Sincere:
Guide your actions far and near..

When your tempted in your belief
Be you strong against the thief
Who would rob you from your grace
And put confusion in its place

Stand up strong for in all you do
Be a beacon: shine on through...
When the world is running wrong
Point the way, and sing your song

No more doubting no more fear
Find your strength in One who's near
Morning noon or darkest night
He's your Answer He's your Light

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