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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Let out your praises...

Calmness envelops the emerging of dawn
The earth she is silent the breezes they yawn
All in the minerals, the elements the trees
Silence is speaking, with the intention to please

Clouds, with their movements, are waking the sky
Artisically, they gather; in fluffs, they pass by..
Molecules and atoms and invisbleness too;
Combine with the moisture and fall down as dew

Chirping and humming and romping around,
Creatures awaken and break out in sound...
Carefree and happy and oblivious to all:
Plantlets and animals and insects, all call...

Quiet your beingness and silence your mind
The  morning will greet you as moments unwind
Hear what is hearable and all that is not
Daylight will show you what cannot be bought..

Sing with the angels and sing with a song
A hymn of great gratitude: no need to be long.
Simple and perfect and true as your heart
Let out your praises of God when you start.

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