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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Behind the curtain....

Let the silence of the morning dance inside your heart
It's rythm is so beautiful its wonderfulness a way to start
So much awesomeness is inside it: this predawn early show
Without the help of media we have all we need to know

Oh hear the quiet stirrings of creatures in the trees
The echo of many crickets in the softly blowing breeze
Something about the newness that comes at break of day
Can move the avid listener with some lyrics for the way

The calmness and the softness of the slowly rising sun
Warms the early riser with a wamth that's not undone
The rays with their many miracles are riding through the air
Each one is carrying an energy that can transform us all with care.

Resting upon the greenery, a screen made up of  a cloud
Speaks to us of mysteries, we have never heard out loud...
The greatness of  the majestic, who  aren't needing a hurrah
They're happy being the messengers of One who gives us all

Look outside your windows, before you start your day:
What do you see before you, what does the world have to say?
Are there any moving creatures, any birds that peck and dance
Tell me, if your willing, are there squirrels out there by chance?

Take time for a few more minutes, and hear what you can hear..
Before your put on your tv; what says the atmosphere?
Are there any sounding creatures, any birds in a symphony
Or is it completely silent with a openness like the sea...

Today is yours and always ..but what will you do today?
Will you coast through it uncaring; or notice everything on the way?
Will you make of every moment, every second and hour too:
An endless sign of gratitude, for the One who created you?

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