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Friday, July 7, 2017

The End....

The sky is shouting out with an ever mighty roar
And the  universe is crawling beneath an ever fiery floor
The world is all afraid as the mountains start to shake
The heavens start to open beneath the catastrophic break

A quietness precedes it like an ominous piercing stare
Angels from the Heavens have been counseling us: beware
The time has finally come now and the sky is all aglow
A hundred thousand star lights lose their gravity: fall below

Like a faulty firework show turning out so wrong
The end will come to all of us like the ending of a song
Pieces falling together to build a frightful terrific end
If only we would be nicer than the world with all its trend

All the many created with their lives now on the line
Watch the course of the Heavens, with their glow and mighty shine
Something about the atmosphere is  crying out to us indeed
If only were were more loving, then this wouldn't eve had to be..

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