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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Morning muse......

Crickets humming so so sweet
Morning hears them and they meet
Quietly rising, gentle sun
Shines its warmth on everyone.

Soft the radiance, blue the sky
Birds, already, are passing by
Chirps and tweets and lovely song
Invite us all to sing along

Green the grasses and the trees
That soothe the eyes and appease...
Senses waking and we see
That God is good to you and me

Count the moments: one, two, three ....
How many seconds,pass and flee?
Hours and days and month's pass by:
Who can measure earth or sky?

When the day is bright and clear
Or the night is drawing near
Some there are who'll never sleep
They are here to watch and keep

Finally when the day is done
And the darkness covers the sun
We will rest to rise again
Will we see the dawn begin?

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