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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Memories of mamma...

I'm sorry I didn't know her, the mother that you knew
For time has changed experiences that each had ventured through
So while we shared this mamma our memories aren't the same
You relish in her remembering  but I tremble at her name...

I cannot tell you everything for it would be too much
But I never knew the "I love yous" or  the gentle caring touch
The bathroom and the beatings and the humiliations too
This is I knew of mamma who gently cared for  you

Just as you shrink from talking to the predator in our home
I cannot see her picture without feeling so alone
How come she didn't love me or tell me of my worth
Instead I had to keep hiding from the family of my birth..

Yes i knew of your mamma for I knew her as my own
But never did I hear: I love you on the phone
NO matter how I tried to:  my efforts were in vain
She reminded me so often how I disgraced the family name....

So there you have some secrets but there are so many more
And the scars upon my body remind me of the front door
I'm  sorry I seem so distant and unable to post some pics
But memories of our mamma has put me in hysterics..

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