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Friday, May 12, 2017

With eyes wide open....

Gentle light of morning ..shine your light on me
Show me all your radiance: beautiful as can be..
Looking through the windows: coloring trees and sky
Radiant star of morning: thanks for passing by..

Calming breeeze of morning moving here and there
Whisper to my spirit secrets from everywhere
In your every movement, in your touch serene
Show me all earth's needy:  visible and unseen...

Quiet flowing waters dropping from the sky
I can hear the echoes of those who weep and cry
In the splashing rhythm of your shining glow
I can hear the whispers, of angels, don't you know..

Morning, noon and evening ..hours of every day
Carry their own agenda: things they want to say
But,we with all our movement: our have to's all galore
Often, miss all the messages, that each minute has in store

So today, we'll take the challenge: to listen a little more
And see with eyes wide open : the wealthy and the poor
We'll hear in every raindrop the heartbeats from far away
And see inside each sunbeam the light of eternal day....

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