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Monday, May 22, 2017

With the angels

Calling out to each of us, the angel spirits  will whisper..
As they pull  us to the quiet times,  and say:   "come. you hither"
Pointing out the beautiful-ness; the loveliness all around;
Angel guardians remind us all... how Heaven can truly sound

While the morning star is rising.. songs of an unearthly kind
Illuminate my heart and soul and soothe my waking mind
Inspiring me with the words to  rhyme and giving you words to read
Guardians of this universe will always bring us what we need..

Before the rush, of all our day, the angels will beckon and plead
That we should stop, and take some time, and inhale the love we need
Pouring out to  us through all: through all we can hear and see
God the Almighty Father is nourishing us with His Immortality

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