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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

People, in Here, love well...............

Today, I cried and I wept and then I decided to say:
My God and my dearest Creator, has shown  to me this Way:
Not loaded down with many booklets or laden down with many pews
But having so many people who were wearing or not wearing shoes..

Somehow, I couldn't believe it... that this, was Heaven's gate
For it looked so very different, than the Heaven when I was eight...
It didn't require memorizations:  it didn't speak of fiery Hell
But did  point out most strongly: that people, in here, love well...

I stared in the most amazing silence and waited to hear some more
When out came the Great Almighty from the Heights of Heaven's door
Booming with all of His Majesty and stooping down to me
He lifted up my drooping spirit and whispered this so lovingly ...

OF all the many qualities and of all the people I can choose
It isn't any of the most likely that will capture My Morning Muse
For the people are being so programmed and are also so prepped to be
Whatever "the molder" will make them but few are really so free..

As to act from within their spirits  and to love without any lye
I'm drawn to the most humble of renegades, who will boldly choose to fly
Over all of the lands of the "have to's" and over all the seas of "me" and "mine"
To share the love  of their Creator which can make all things Divine...

From all this I went out to ponder and then I went outside to cry:
I have stood in the presence of the Creator I have seen Him: Oh my, oh my
We have been so badly misled friends and we have been so stuck for so long
That we don't realize the phony fallacies and cannot see the right from the wrong..

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