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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Morning morsels

Don't be the rug for another's feet
If they're not nice or kind or sweet
Depart from them; yes, walk away
Their dust, their dirt.. can darken you day

You've tried your best; it's been so tough
Your attempts and pleas were not enough
They've closed their eyes: refused to see
The beauty, the love, you want to be..

The guise of faith can make it hard
It appears so sweet but acts like shard
Tearing, dividing,  and making a show:
It's sparkles and shines: but cuts you know

The soul that loves will be that shine
That comes from God, the Great Divine
Without the pew or place of prayer
Their lives keeps shouting: God's everywhere

So head these lines and hear them well
A church can't save or send  to hell
Only a heart or inner voice
Can tell us if Heaven or Hell's our choice

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