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Monday, May 15, 2017

It is so...

The leaves, they move and sing with the wind
It comes to visit again and again
The squirrels,they play; the birds,  they peck:
The world is awake, with beauty, on deck..

The sun, it'll rise and the moon will too
Each one is ordered to do what they do
The elements, the plants, the world as a whole
Is acting, reacting, like body and soul..

The effects we have, the choices we make
Become quite a blessing or a terrible mistake
For the world so near or even quite far
Our pain, our happiness are yours ...they are

We are never alone and we aren't ever apart
We're joined together through love of His Heart
The sufferings; the sorrows;  the joys we all know
Can change all the world: it is so, it is so...

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