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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


The world is weeping; she is sending up her sighs to God the Almighty above
She is questioning everybody, questioning everyone around "where is the love"
Why are we becoming so indifferent, so very deeply desensitized
Yet preoccupy ourselves with our own appearances: our egos are greatly magnetized

The universe is all upset and reeling from all the violent actions all around
She is wondering why we can't see it:  so much inhumanity is everywhere found
The world is all so needy; yet  so blinded by this awful spreading disease
It's infecting everyone, and it leaving everyone with humanistic tendencies..

We're becoming, so easily, something else we weren't ever meant to be
Dressing up in garments and jewelries that cry out to everyone "look at me"
Yet we are so blinded, not seeing everything that we should be  noticing
People right next to us, go on struggling: alone with their own suffering

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