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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

We can change it all ..

There is way too  much of this bloodshed, this fighting that's going on
Why can't we ever see this: this  grief that's wrestling dawn
Every morning we can hear of it: this strife, this war. this  grief...
All of them are working together and are robbing us like a thief

The universe receives these upsets these energies of awful hate
And processes them into these catastrophes that we have seen of late:
Rain storms and awful tsunamis, hurricanes and mud sliding floor
Torrential rains that flood us and tornadoes and much much more

If everything's so connected and, we're,  all of us: affecting all
Why don't we see that the solution, is inside of us.. great or small
Learning to work together. instead of, all of us:  pulling apart:
We can create a world where everyone is living  with loving heart

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