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Monday, April 17, 2017

Tough times...

Let those tears roll down your face let them fall let them fall
All the angels will run and race to catch them all catch them all
Every heart break that you've known all the sorrows,  all the pain
Will become like streets of gold where saints and angels will remain

Can you hear that angelic choir, as they sing, yes:  they sing
All around they can be heard.. in everything ,,,in everything
They will sing here night and day;  they'll record you: all you say
Angel guardians, spiritual guides, enlightening everyone on the way.

So you have had the roughest time:  it's been rough, it's been rough
And every step that you must take: will be tough, it'll be tough
But put your hand inside God's hand; keep your heart pure and understand
God is with you through it all: that's His promise and His plan..

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