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Friday, April 28, 2017

Just for you, God made it all

Hear how the silences starts speaking to you
Restless, the moments, that burst open its true
From all of their places and from earth's own floor
Creatures will  rise up and greet morning once more

Blue birds and black birds and sparrows as well
Sing of their evening as they're trying to sell
All of their moments and all of their joy
So much is the beauty in those songs they deploy

Slowly there's lifting a slight misty fog
Unveiling some morsels for the writer to blog
Droplets of dew and a slight morning breeze
Invites us to ponder as they try hard to please

Enough for our spirits is this new morn's display
It invites us to ponder and it inspires us to pray
Acknowledging our  Maker who with kindness did give
Mornings and evenings and all things that live

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