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Friday, April 14, 2017

It's still happening.......

The skies all darkened that day and the sun closed down its shine
When Jesus stretched out His arms and earth saw This Desolate Divine
Separating from His earthly abode and carried by angels away
Momentarily leaving this world, while darkness became our day

The angels sang out their melodies; and the spirits of long ago
Echoed again the promises, which prophets and seers foretold:
A savior would come to save us and a savior would cleanse us all
Like a lamb led away to the slaughter:  He answered the final call

The crowds were mocking and jeering Him, the family was near despair
The earth began its trembling and the spirits rose up everywhere
Who is this Jesus of Nazareth.. this man from Galilee?
Many were wondering and waiting and others were beginning to see

Why would a God of Power Omnipotent, with honor and glory galore
Accept such  humiliation from His people and so much more?
Why wouldn't He stop these infidels and turn the world  around ??
This mystery continues  occurring ..Good Friday continues to sound

We can still see the Body of our Jesus: broken up and led away
In each person,  who is utterly forsaken, by the powerful of our day
And like those, called to be followers, that deserted Him so long ago
We are  guilty of these sames action, when we go against the Love we know


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