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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

If one nation suffers...

Can you not hear how the earth has been crying
All of her children are creating such sighing
Warring and fighting where there should be peace
See how she rumbles and showers her release..

All of the universe and all of us every where:
The creatures and the created;  the sea and the air
Each of us united, by the bond  of  creation
Are united in suffering when suffers any nation..

Out in the Pacific or hear in the east side
All of us are feeling it: the hopelessness far and wide
Can we not stop it: this evilness that is spreading
Power hungry leaders leave us wondering where we're heading

Pray for the universe and pray for the  nations
We're becoming a disaster because of our frustrations
Mishandling our freedoms we're robbing all free-ness
How long will it take us to realize and see this..

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