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Friday, March 10, 2017

So, will you be still, for a moment?

Do you hear the sound of your own heart beat..
are you ever that entirely still
Can you see each molecule and atom
as they unite without degree or skill
All around you the world may be racing
and the universe may seem so far away
But when you stop to pause and ponder it:
its the world that's carrying you away

For, deep inside you, your spirit is hungry;
and is thirsting for quieter times
You are depriving yourself, so often;
when you should be considering the evident signs
You're feeling  so overburdened and unfulfilled
by life's challenges and seeking for more..
Somehow you might feel that life is inside that money bag
 or inside the mall or the  grocery store...

You have to slow down enough my friend
to begin to understand and really see
That life has so much to offer you;
its really so inexpensive: it's free
In the dancing of the daffodils and violets;
in the melodies  of birds in the trees
Secrets are being laid out for all of us
and valuable treasures are ours to cease

So lets call together a moment of silence today
 an hour or two just to be free
And see what's really out here for all of us
in the land of quietness and mystery
For then we will see all of the elements,
and the sands that rest below our feet
We will be able to touch every single molecule of air
and hear all its messages so sweet

It's not just for the poetic or artistic one
or the songwriter or creator of rhyme
To bask in the beautifulness of everything
or to appreciate each second  of time
There is a healingness inside of all of the stillness
and a wholeness inside of the hour
That knows no noise of the temporal
but is enveloped by the Infinite Ones power..

So, will you be still, for a moment?

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