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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Our angels

Before the morning  can see the light and the skies are visibly blue
Angel guardians are keeping a watch:  watching  over me and you
They are sent from  Heaven above to guard, to keep us safe and  well
Everyone should want to know these guides, the enemies of hateful hell...

Whenever we're lost or hurt or afraid whenever we're needing a friend
These sacred spirits of the angelic world are ready to heed and tend
We have only to cry out to them in faith to reach out with trusting hand
They'll guide and lead and counsel us. They are part of God's loving plan

So let us give to them some time some respect some trust when free
They will be for us, for everyone:  God's light, God's truth, God's plea..
Their voices they will blend with all of ours and lift our needs above
How lucky we are to have these guides these angels these carriers of love

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