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Monday, March 20, 2017

How can we not notice?

Morning is already upon us, and we see the brightness of the  sky..
Colors are splashed out around us:  entertainment for the searching eye.
How much are we able to witness , as the moments are passing us  by?
Creation is speaking so softly and   the universe is letting out her sigh..

Slowly the horizon is glowing, with the most glorious color of gold
Sunrise is infinitely awesome, and the dawn's treasures slowly unfold
Can you not see it, all of the beauty, the awesomeness of this  day?
All of the elements are sparkling with the morning star's display

Quietly, the creatures of morning  are already romping around
Rabbits and squirrels and robins, and every kind of insect are found
The breezes, all blow around us, and the molecules  we cannot see
Are joining together to create it:  the oxygen,,, we so badly need

How much is already  happening, before we can even start our day
The universe is already active and God's wisdom is   on display
Everything, around us, is echoing  the sweetest messages from His heart
How can we  not even notice it..this wonderfulness, as we start

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