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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Have you noticed?

Chirping and singing and praising the day
Birds of all genre are blessing away
Breaking the silence with all of their song
Morning is coming let us all get along...

Pushing through windows and dancing around
Sunbeams are speaking without any sound
Brightening our darkness and coloring the sky
The great star of morning is greeting you and I

Whispering with wonder and shaking the trees
Light winds are moving and creating a breeze
Touching so softly; they're  able to be strong
The winds relay messages: short ones and long....

Blooming with beauty and creating an array
Flowers all around are sharing their display
Soothing our senses and delighting our eyes
These are such treasures: there is no surprise...

Take time each morning and make it a routine
To observe all God's wonders: His blessings serene
Hearing  His sweetness and seeing His grace
God has truly blessed us; He's given us this place..

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