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Thursday, March 16, 2017

God has given us all....

Count the hours count the minutes count the seconds of each day
Count the sunbeams count the dew drops count the sands along the way
Though you try to and you want to and you give the honest try;
You'll  never be able to count them: all God's blessings for you and I

Like the mountains or the valleys or the sea so broad and wide;
God has shown us all His blessings: they all flow like endless tide...
In the oxygen and the molecules in the atoms so great or small
Every ounce, of His Great Divine-Ness, is heard echoing for us all....

In the creatures that are crawling; in the tree tops way up high...
In the riverbeds, and the deserts; in the birds that sore the sky:
All God's blessings, all God's wonders, all God's providence: it is true
Gives us glimpses, gives us vision, gives Eternity to me and you

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