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Monday, March 13, 2017

Everything's related...

Every morning, every evening, every hour of every day
Life is speaking; God is calling; creation whispers along the way
See the beauty; see the wonders; see the world: its pure and clean
We the residents, we the people; we're the ones who make it mean..

Can we not become more loving; can we not learn how to share
Reaching out to friend and neighbor, to every person everywhere?
We're the choosers or the losers, we're the ones who  scheme or dream
All the world, waits our decisions: we can soothe or shout and scream

Every moment. every second. every breath we're going to take
Effects the universe and the world: consider well the plans you'll make
Today's still present; but,  tomorrow is not; so  what it it you're going to do
Every action; every movement will become the the air we breathe: its true

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