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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Come and rest Here....

Are you tired and feeling weary: exhausted beyond your normal wear?
Are there moments even hours when you've done more than your share?
Come and rest here, come and sleep here in these arms of lasting grace.
I'll  refresh you and sustain you. Come and sleep here: I have space...

I have seen you, so many times now: dragging heavily, your long long day..
You will wake up and start off running; but barely crawl the rest of the way
Come and be here: in My Presence; for I have what it is you need:
Away from everything, away from running: you'll receive it all: indeed

It is true, my dearest creature, that this work is necessary for your life
But it is challenging and destructive, when your pace becomes a wielding knife....
Won't you slow down and smell those roses,  allow yourself some needed rest?
I am waiting and I am calling... Won't you become My special guest?

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