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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Father Who cares...

Sometimes the journey will be easy and you'll notice, life is good
Other times, it'll be burdensome; and life won't seem, as it should
God is present, now and always; and He's  present when you feel alone
So, let His Spirit, lift and guide you; and remind you: you are His Own..

Times are changing, all around you; and life's challenges, they  increase
Just remember, you have a Father,  who created all in lasting peace
Though the tempests, rise and shake you; and the sorrows come to knock
You are special to the Father and He'll always have the time to talk...

Take each moment and each second,  like a gift from God above
Every minute and every hour will become the echoes of His  Love
Listen deeply, to your spirit; when the world is falling apart
For the Father is your Fortress and He has your room inside His Heart

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