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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Won't you join me...

All around me God is speaking through the world that I can see
In the beauty and the vastness I see   imprints left for me..
Through the breezes; through the oceans; through the universe. far and wide
All the wonderfulness and created-ness contain God's presence deep inside

And I praise Him,  in my living-ness, in my faithfulness from day to day
Nothing special and nothing outstanding: just a surrendering to Him my way
Oh the happiness, in the knowing, that He is happy with who I've come to be
This is reason enough and inspiration enough; for the flowing of my  poetry

So,won't you join me, oh won't you join me: in this thinking of our God Divine
Acknowledging humbly and singing out surely of all the loveliness that is His Shine
It isn't very difficult or even taxing or even a chore that we should rise
To shout out daily or even hourly of the One Who created the earth and skies..

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