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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We choose....

The skies opened up and out came the sun
Thousands of lightlets were in front of everyone
Illuminating,  warming and sparkling all around
Droplets of sunshine were dancing on the ground

Daylight was sifting through  remnants of night
Creatures were yawning with happiness and delight
Plantlets and treetops and insects galore
Were singing God's praises. Would you like to know more?

Wind streams were carrying the whispers of  time
Stories of people were  inspiring new rhyme
Nations were fighting and some were at peace
Flood walls were breaking and storms shook our trees..

The day was just starting and out came a noise
A box in our household was raising its voice
Speaking out  rumors and showing some crime
Is it any wonder: it's controlling our time?

Before we can grasp it our time is all gone
Our schedule is calling the curtains are drawn
We're running and fumbling for keys and such things
Has anyone noticed the dawn as she sings?

The challenge of  morning and even of night
Is choosing what's valuable and worthy of sight
Will we be neutralized by work or routine;
Or will we find newness and beauties unseen...

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