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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Time keeps moving

Morning's approaching with the exit of night
Skies are all changing with the morning star's light
Colors are glowing with the touch of the sun
Morning's approaching: wake up everyone...

Dew drops are falling, they're resting right here
Touching the plantlets with a moist atmosphere
Singing their secrets that come from the sky
Dew drops are falling like tears from God's eye..

Everyone's  waking; I can see them around:
Birds on the tree limbs and bugs on the ground
Squirrels are around me, rabbits are too
Everyone is waking: there's so much to do..

Time keeps on ticking  and moving on through
We can't keep it waiting, like statues,  it's true
We must keep on the move now; we mustn't  waste time
Time keeps on moving but not so this rhyme..

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