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Monday, February 27, 2017

And so: You are

Dedicated to a very special person on her birthday 

Before you saw the light of day before you could even breathe
God saw the moment you would be born; He saw it: do you believe?
He whispered your name into our time and He spoke your days and years
He fashioned you before the world began: He knew them, all your tears

So it is that we, should celebrate and should  call to mind: your day
The moment, before your start began:  the hour you came our way
Like a bundled mass of cells and  atoms; a conjoining of molecules
You came into this great big world and your family received the news

You grew into the person you are: and you created your path in time
People who knew you would be so blessed; the angels would sing your rhyme
The world is so much better now and the earth is recording your life
The angels are counting them, one and all: the blessings you multiplied

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